High Quality Mold Making Silicone

Find the right silcone for your mold making project

Elkem Silicones produces high quality advanced mold-making products to meet your specific application needs. Our mold-making silicones offer long mold durability, high flexibility, excellent mechanical properties, and chemical resistance to artificial resins. Elkem Silicones also offers a broad range of hardnesses and curing kinetics to meet the high requirements of mold-making applications. Find your solution through our Bluesil™ RTV range of silicones available as polyaddition or polycondensation kits or individual components.

Mold Making Silicone Kits

Explore our two component Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV-2) silicone mold-making kits bundled to meet your needs for high fidelity and reliable reproduction.

Available in Polyaddition Platinum kits, suitable for rapid prototyping silicone molds, and in Polycondensation Tin kits, suitable for architectural molding and casting.

Explore Individual Mold Making Silicone Components

See Kits above for matching A and B components. Choose individual options below should you need only one component of the 2 component kit.