Polycondensation Base and Catalyst

Choose from our available polycondensation silicones. These are two component, Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV-2) silicone rubbers that are widely used for mold making application including architectural molding, concrete casting, and other general-purpose applications.

Select a polycondensation catalyst to help meet your application needs for curing and hardness development.

DurometerTear StrengthElongationPot LifeMix RatioMixed ViscosityColor
BLUESIL GP 25HI-PRO GREEN25 ShA150 ppi380%3.5 hours10:150,000Green
HI-PRO BLUE26 ShA115 ppi370%3.5 hours10:150,000Blue
BLUESIL RTV 1065HI-PRO GREEN25 ShA140 ppi480%5 hours10:145,000Green
HI-PRO BLUE30 ShA100 ppi430%2 hours10:143,000Blue
BLUESIL RTV 3625HI-PRO GREEN25 ShA123 ppi390%4 hours10:144,000Green
HI-PRO BLUE27 ShA120 ppi390%4 hours10:144,000Blue