Polyaddition Base and Catalyst

Choose from our available polyaddition silicones. These are two component, Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV-2) silicone rubbers that are catalyzed using platinum. Polyaddition silicones are used in applications including rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and pad printing were high dimensional accuracy and low/no shrinkage is required.

Select a polyaddition catalyst to help meet your application needs for durometer/hardness.

This table shows single components available and their properties. Please see our available kits for combined base and catalysts.

Product DurometerTear StrengthElongationPot LifeMix RatioMixed ViscosityColor
BLUESIL RTV 3040CATA 302023 ShA85 ppi300%2 hours10:140,000Clear to straw yellow
CATA 303836 ShA100 ppi340%2 hours10:140,000Clear to straw yellow
CATA 304038 ShA120 ppi340%2 hours10:140,000Clear to straw yellow
CATA 304545 ShA130 ppi205%2 hours10:140,000Clear to straw yellow
BLUESIL V-330CA-3525 ShA180 ppi510%100 minutes10:110,000Blue
CA-4533 ShA170 ppi500%100 minutes10:110,000Blue
BLUESIL V-340CA-3536 ShA180 ppi500%100 minutes10:110,000Blue
CA-4545 ShA125 ppi350%100 minutes10:110,000Blue
CA-5553 ShA85 ppi300%100 minutes10:110,000Grey