Complimentary Products

Elkem Silicones complimentary products can customize properties of your polyaddition or polycondensation kits by adjusting softness and feel, adding thixotropic characteristics, or accelerating cure times.

This table shows single components available and their properties. Please see our available kits for combined base and catalysts.

Specific GravityViscosity
ColorDescription of Use
BLUESIL 47V500.9650ClearNon-reactive silicone fluid used as a diluent or thinner to reduce the viscosity of two-part silicone RTV rubbers.
BLUESIL PT ACCELERATOR-50Clear, AmberFor platinum cure, polyaddition silicone to customize de-mold time.
BLUESIL SPECIAL-FX DEADENER0.972,200Colorless to light strawAdditive for polyaddition platinum cured silicone to lower the durometer/hardness of cured products.
BLUESIL THIXO ADDITIVE 226461.041,500ClearLiquid additive that can be used to impart a non-flowing consistency allowing a compound to be brushed or troweled into a model.
BLUESIL ESA 7203 A0.9780Clear"Flush Fluid" for BLUESIL RTF 3250 A
BLUESIL ESA 7203 B0.9780Clear"Flush Fluid" for BLUESIL RTF 3250 B